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About IIT Madras

IIT Madras has been ranked first in the NIRF rankings by MHRD and GOI for the eighth time in a row. Students at IIT Madras are constantly engaged in attempting to push their ideas beyond their labs, hostels, and workspaces through organizations such as the Entrepreneurship Cell, pre-incubator such as Nirmaan, and organizations such as the IITM Incubation Cell.


About E-Cell, IIT-Madras

The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras aims to unlock students’ latent inventive potential. We are a non-profit student-run organisation, with the mission to make the entrepreneurial world more accessible to all the young minds and startups out there and simultaneously mould our country towards attaining a self-sustainable status.

Over the years, Entrepreneurship Cell is known to have nurtured some of the best startups in the entrepreneurship arena like Detect Technologies (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia), Hyperverge, and many more, among others, and had the privilege to work under the leaders like Mr Tarun Mehta (Co-Founder, Ather Energy) being the Head of the organisation during his Institute Days.

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What is Startup InternFair?

With an aim to construct a bridge between students and startups that are in need of interns, E-Cell IIT Madras conducts “Startup InternFair”. We offer opportunities to students such that they get enhanced exposure and working experience in the startup world.

InternFair is a golden opportunity for startups to hire interns from the top-ranked engineering institution in the country and get the best out of these young, innovative minds who are willing to make a difference.

What kind of profiles you can expect in InternFair?

Students studying at IIT Madras have often found the following profiles most attractive and have spent an adequate amount of time refining their skills to excel in these profiles:

and many more.